About Us

Respect The Locals is dedicated to supporting and promoting local business. There are far too many corporate businesses coming to our town and driving out the local business owner. So we are asking you to buy at and support local businesses. When you shop at locally owned business, your entire community benefits:

re·spect verb\ri-ˈspekt\

  • to show consideration for; treat courteously or kindly
  • to have an attitude of esteem towards; to pay proper attention to; to not violate

At Respect the Locals, we believe it’s a great idea to consider supporting local communities, businesses and residents, whenever possible. From Coast to Coast, you have choices when it comes to spending your money. We encourage patrons to seek out the neighborhood joint, the corner store, the mom and pop shop, whether you’re in your own neck of the woods or somebody else’s hometown.

Apparel with a Purpose

Respect the Locals is dedicated to giving back to local communities and supporting organizations that contribute to this philosophy. For fund-raising opportunities, contact: Sean Rooney at local@respectthelocals.com

Our Story

Sean Rooney was born in Australia, and his family moved to Maryland when he was two.  His childhood is filled with common memories for a Marylander; going down the beach, fishing and crabbing on the rivers of the Bay. He has made his home in Annapolis, where the neighborly, small town atmosphere and Chesapeake Bay culture has inspired his deep respect.

RTL was born out of his appreciation for the unique character of the locals and landscape of every place he has lived and traveled.  He encourages all of you to RESPECT THE LOCALS wherever your paths may lead you.